Early Learning Matters Testimonials

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Where would we be without ELM? My husband and I hypothetically ask this question all the time! We question “we” rather than “our child” simply because ELM fosters the learner AND the family. By instilling the Leader in Me 7 Habits and offering Parent University Nights, our child has a clear connection between home and school. Our daughter thrives in the environment ELM provides. She is able to get very individualized support and opportunities to learn in every way, whether it is moving her body or creating her own piece to learn. The multi-age atmosphere also lends a natural hand for leadership opportunities and challenging skill exposure. We wholeheartedly believe in what ELM stands for in early childhood education and cannot sing it’s praises loud enough!!!
Kellie Petrick

Elementary Math TOSA, HSD

The teachers are completely devoted to your child and in helping him/her to succeed. They ask you for your goals for your child and also make goals of their own, which proves to me that they pay attention to your child’s needs and are invested in him/her attaining the most from their ELM experience. They keep updated on the latest research on the brain to ensure that your child has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential and they strive to help you understand that information and how it can relate to your child. But, even above that, I feel that the staff of ELM truly love my children and are committed to them. And my children love the staff in return.
Tiana S.

ELM Parent

When our daughter first started last year at ELM as a four year old, she was very shy, timid, and afraid to express herself. Within the first few months we noticed a wonderful change in her confidence level and her love for learrning. As the year progressed she developmed many important skills, both academically and socially that we didn’t expect for her age and we are thilled with her progress. Now in her second year at ELM, we are excited to see even more advancement and growth before she enters Kindergarten this fall.  
Jodi P.

ELM Parent

The multi-age class at ELM was a positive factor for my husband and I when we screened preschools. We felt that our sons would greatly benefit from their interactions with children of varied ages, knowledge, and skill sets. The teachers have also been wonderful in recognizing and enhancing my sons’ individual strengths as well as supporting and encouraging the areas where they required improvement. Over the past two years that they have attended, my boys have become more communicative, sociable, artistic, creative, and imaginative. My children absolutely love their teachers and friends at ELM. They look forward to going to school every other day, and come home with completed work and projects that they’re pricelessly proud of.
Elsie G.

Mother of Triplets